My name is Juli, I was born in Olbia, Sardinia in 1986, but I have been traveling since I was a child. You can call me Travel Consultant, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Influencer, what ever you like. I just do what I love and there is nothing better than waking up in the morning with a specific goal to achieve. At the age of 9 I moved to Germany, Italy where I lived until I was 12 then I came back to Italy, but after the High school I moved first to Rome where I got a BA in European languages and Communication then I began to work as a journalist. That is why in 2012 I decided to move back to Germany for a few years and then to London where I started to work as a blogger. It is here that I founded my first blog Londra Solo Andata aimed to the Italian community based in London and those who wants to visit the city. In less than 3 months I created a community of 5000 followers. In 2020 I founded Scream Loud Social Limited a digital marketing company which supports businesses in the healthcare and leisure industries to get more clients. I mostly use my Instagram account to engage with my audience and talk about business, social media, mindset and financial freedom.


SOCIAL Young people before and after the pandemic. prima e dopo la pandemia Speech with the journalist Hoara Borselli, the professor Antonella Di Bartolo, and the young politicians and activist Bernard Dika and Riccardo Imperiosi. https://fb.watch/6RjNv2z5cZ/

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